Live Scan Fingerprinting
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We provide Live Scan fingerprinting Services for personal review, employment hiring, travel, volunteer, business matters, students,contract etc. This process can be done most efficiently by Live Scan Electronic fingerprinting submission to the California Department of Justice (DOJ)and the Bureau of Investigation(FBI).

Live Scan fingerprinting is a modern Electronic way of capturing fingerprints and information, encrypted and submitted in a secured format which is then transmitted to the Department Of Justice and/or the FBI for process of your request for background check.

Live Scan Fingerprinting

In completion of data base search results or background report are transmitted to the agency or individual that requested the background check. Fingerprinting process in our office in Torrance takes 3-5 mins per person. Criminal history responses for agencies are usually completed within 72 hours or 3 working days if request by Live Scan. If requested by mail, it is approximately a 3 to 7 day turnaround time.

Ink Card Fingerprinting

We use the latest Live Scan Clew Laptop and Scanner System Technology software that captures fingerprint ridges 3 level deep quick that avoid rejections, this makes our tasks easy, efficient and time saving. We do Monthly high volume Live Scan and ink base fingerprinting services with competitive Service fee cheapest by far in Los Angeles County and in Torrance. Walk In by or call us, you will be happy with our service.

10 Years Experience

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